Suzaryaa – Fear

A cold breeze brushed her
as she walked,
a moonless night it was.

Dimly-lit barren streets
greeted her with dark shadows,
no friendly faces,
not a single smile.

Tears welled up
as she put up a brave face,
a little girl
lost in a strange world.

Suzaryaa – A New World

Embraced by the warmth of winter
to a beautiful morning she woke.
A smile.
This was a new world.

She would step out to explore
Courage and Hope by her side,
for she was
Princess Suzaryaa !

A Pangolin’s First Love

Hesitantly I touched her
like a newly wed on honeymoon.

She looked pretty
glazed and attractive,
but I had been warned
by the fallen ones.

In a flash she had booted
tempting she sat before me.

I gave in and
as my fingers caressed the keys.

She was a beauty
strong yet stylish,
unlike her other sisters
who were green with envy.

All those nights
in harmony we had spent,
never once crashing out
never once exhausted.

She was the One
I was in Love.

I knew it.

She was Unity
and I
the Precise Pangolin.

Splendour in Stone


Arjuna's Penance Sculpture

Set in stone a thousand years ago
was the story,
of five great men and
the penance of one.

Carved with finesse
a grandeur unknown it possessed.

A monolithic splendour.

Celestial Wonder

A glowing blaze, fierce and intent
far away he shone in all splendour.
Speckled across his face
were the spots;
black, tiny and transient.

She glanced at him
with a blush and a smile;
for she was the chosen One
the Blue Beauty he adored.

Until she saw Her,
the forlorn sister
in envy she erupted.

The Sister was a hot beauty
a goddess
for whose love all yearned.
And every hundred years
she would come for him
taunting the twin.

As the ballet began,
into his hands
the Sister lifted herself

A perfect dance was it
a Pas de deux as never seen before
spectacular and sensational,
and she ended it
with a beautiful Grand jeté.

Joining the applause
The Blue Beauty cheered.
She smiled,
for another eight years
he would be just hers.

The Song

Her big brown eyes,
danced across
with a grace divine;

Her head swayed
from side to side,
a silent smile playing
across those vermilion lips;

Becharmed I stood,
watching her sing.